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Meet Fifi

Fifi is the newest member of the gang.

The vessel for adventures!

I’ve never really been in to cars. I couldn’t tell you makes or models. I have no idea of engine size or wheel trim and wouldn’t know a good spec from a bad one.

My blatant disinterest probably comes as a huge disappointment to my car fanatic dad who, from an early age lived, breathed and dreamed of cars. Building them, driving them, selling them. He always imagined he’d have a son called Niki (after Niki Lauda) but instead he ended up with an only daughter who grew up interested in fairy princesses (and still is but shhhhhh)

Can’t win them all dad.

However, this time is different, this time I have oodles of interest and this time I can whole heartedly say… I love my new car! New to me anyway as Fifi is actually a three and a half-year old second-hand brumbrum, but you wouldn’t know it to look at her. The paint work is immaculate. The wheels are not worn and although the interior has a few little scuffs it takes nothing away from the charm of this little car. I love the vintage shape of the fiat 500, it’s so cute and quirky and I absolutely adore the sky blue colour. It’s such a happy, fun shade of blue (which consequently is my favourite colour anyway) but to my delight, not only is it the paintwork on the outside, but it is a beautiful feature of the dashboard on the inside too.

Dad helped me to ‘pimp my ride’ so that she felt clean and fresh. We got a set of new floor mats and replaced the squeaking window wipers with quiet, smoothly gliding ones. Dad even got her a new set of number plates (because his OCD is even worse than mine and he wanted the department number on it to be correct for where I live) To finish off a magnetic ‘A’ was placed on the rear. When people ask me “What does the A stand for?” I tell them, “Avoid!” What it actually means is, ‘I am a new driver so please accept my tortoise speed and find a bit of patience with me’ but I think ‘Avoid’ covers all that much more concisely.

After dad had done his bit it was over to me to girlify it! (No I did not stick eyelashes on the headlights). The first thing I did was make Stanley a super comfy squishylicious cushion out of two Cath Kidston Ditsy Dog placement tea towels. The gorgeous blue fabric matched Fifi perfectly and the adorable dog print was fun and fabulous (just like Stanley!) I found appropriate homes for a packet of tissues, hand sanitizer, travel sweeties and a lip balm. Packed an emergency Stanley survival kit to leave in the boot along with a lovely tartan picnic rug.

May I also add I do actually have the important necessities like hi-vis vests and an AA break down kit as well as all my additional paraphernalia.

The only thing that eludes me are the cup holders. Fiat! What were you thinking? Why make cup holders that you can’t fit ANY coffee cup in!? I will not be beaten! Somewhere, there must be something that will work. And by Google I will find it! I mean what’s a road trip without a good cuppa java to keep you going?

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Driving in France. I hadn’t drove for 18 months and I fully encompass all the chauvinistic stereotypical attributes of a ‘female driver’ so I was a tad nervous. But at the end of the day the roads are quiet, the car is small and it’s an automatic for God’s sake! All I have to do is point and press! A few crash course lessons from Dad and a week later I was happily bobbing around solo in the local countryside.

I’m so glad Fifi has joined our gang (Stanley is glad she has air-con and Josh is glad she’s not pink) our trio is now a quartet.

Adventure awaits!

8 thoughts on “Meet Fifi

  1. True artist with words.
    Chuckled to myself while reading.
    You’ve got yourself a blue beauty there, for all your wonderful adventures. X


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