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Captain Of Your Own Life

Life is kind of like sailing. You can set out on one course and with the change of wind end up in a completely different direction.

Sometimes you find yourself in deep waters and sometimes it can feel like life has thrown you overboard. Just like the siren’s deathly song, in life we can be faced with temptation and negative influences which we must fight to resist.

As the captain of your own life, sometimes it can feel like your crew are conspiring against you in mutiny. We’ve all suffered a fall out with people we thought were our friends or struggled through a conflict of opinion at work.

The dark is a scary place. Not being able to see what lies ahead. Pounding waves, jagged rocks. But even in the blackest night, there is a glimmer of light. A tiny star, the glow of the moon. The lighthouse, a beacon strong and protective, showing you a safe path through surrounding dangers.

Change, the future, uncertainty. It can be daunting when we don’t know what to expect. But look for your light, find that strength and let it guide and support you. If you can make it though the stormy night, waking up the next morning is the most wonderful, exhilarating feeling of fulfilment and excitement. Don’t be frightened of the unknown, embrace it.

Don’t be afraid to dream. Because dreams are the treasure map on the ship of life. If you have a treasure map be brave enough to follow where it might lead, because the bounty that awaits you will be your greatest reward.

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